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Eudaimonia, A Parfum made as Extrait

Nathalie d’Anvers is releasing Eudaimonia, a perfume whose name is originating from an ancient Greek Philosopher Epicurus. Eudaimonia means “good soul” and also stands for pure and positive energies. this is part of Nathalie d’Anvers’ philosophy represented in her collection of dresses: pure and highly luxurious creations. She wanted a perfume which represented her philosophy and be as natural and pure as possible, using natural ingredients and a concentrated liquid. eudaimonia was realised in collaboration with “Perfumes by Linnéa”, a perfumer in the South of France, who custom made the perfume to fit Nathalie d’Anvers’ philosophy. Everything from the liquid to the bottle, the wooden cap, the leather that wraps the bottle and the packaging - all goes together like a perfectly fitting glove with the creations of Nathalie d’Anvers where she uses noble natural materials as silk, leather and mostly pure colours like black and white, to sculpt her dresses. She has a preference for details like pleats, feathers and her clothes are often inspired by the ancient Greek period.

The same lines of hand pleated silk you see on the packaging, you also see engraved on th leather around the bottle. It’s a very clever and an original idea as the customer can save the leather, spray it with fragrance and hang it, for example in her closet to release an irresistible scent. This idea was inspired by a 16th century custom when it was very common to spray perfume on leather and many of the wealthy women wore perfumed gloves. To maki it even more fitting there are clear notes of leather in this perfume which is one of the reasons it’s extremely long lasting.

Eudaimonia is an ambery, floral, powdery, leathery and woody perfume. Its scent bears a high porportion of natural and highly luxurious ingredients (22%). It is made to attract attention and seduce. The scent is created completely in the universe of Nathalie d’Anvers: rich and powerful, yet feminine, silky and smooth. is gives a sensation of bare naked skin. This perfume is made as an “Extrait” and keeps lingering on your skin for days. It’s simply irresistible. Once you start wearing it, you will not want to change to something else. Some of the luxurious ingredients used in Eudaimonia are Bergamot, Clementine, Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Jasmine absolute from India and Egypt, Orris butter and Orris absolute from Florence, Narcissus and Ambrette absolute. At the perfume’s base you find very high concentrations of Indian Sandalwood, Tonka beans, Vetyver, Ambery